It’s show time in no time

The days are counting down, like the steady clap before jumping.

Tomorrow, Tetra-Decathlon previews at Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling. Next week, it’ll premiere at the Tron in Glasgow, before heading out on tour.

A little bit of me wants to believe that the reason I’m not in a state of abject terror is that competing in a tetradecathlon has prepared me for such occasions. But the truth of it is that I’m incredibly lucky to have such bloody brilliant people around me, and so I know it’s going to be a winner.

Jenna Watt is directing the show. She wrote, directed and performed her solo show, and won a Fringe First Award. Oh, sorry. I mean she did all of those things…. twice.

Callum Smith (@Showroom) is a shit-hot producer. He jumped on board last year, and has made this all possible.

Ema Jayne Park is another brilliant maker who has been working with me to create the movement in the show.

Claire Halleran designed the show, and I’m really excited to be in the world she’s made for the show to live in. Giggy Argo is now making that world a reality. It’s looking so great and I’m sad that I can’t post pictures everywhere because it would spoil the fun.

Scott Twynholm is making sound for the show and that is SO VERY EXCITING! He’s also a marvellously calm person to have around and an excellent 4-square¬†competitor to boot.

Jane Gilbey has been managing both the stage and me, and bringing cake and being great. She was the first person to bring a cup of tea and ask if I was ok when I was having a serious wobble a few weeks back, and she’s a rock solid woman who I’m glad is on my side.

And Kyle McAslan has made a really cool thing, which is kind of a secret but it’s a bit like this….

As ever I’ve had a ridiculous amount of support from this chump (now known as my “long suffering marathon-running boyfriend”- Daily Record). As if 600 days of making post-training dinner wasn’t enough, Arron’s been supporting me through every step of making the show too. I couldn’t have done the tetra or the show without him. Not one bit.


I’m excited. I’m terrified.
I’m so bloody delighted.

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