April’s training & 1st SAL meet

It’s been a decent month for training, with my achilles injury clearing up, evenings getting lighter and the first Southern Athletics League meet of the year.

Coming out from injury, I took two weeks off, with the third week jogging to work a few times. This re-built my confidence, without the strain of sprinting or jumping. The last two weeks I’ve also squeezed in a few runs in the lead-up to the Hackney Half-marathon, which is in a weeks’ time. Arron had signed me up to this before I embarked on track & field training, so I can’t say I’ve committed to it as I would have initially liked to- but sprinting has taken priority and left my legs with little desire for 13 mile runs.

Much of this month’s track training has been hurdles-focussed. Until recently (when Stephanie Kleynhans shunned the Northern League in favour of it’s Southern counterpart- and I bumbled in behind her)  there have been no willing hurdlers to compete for Heathside, thus Chris is keen to get us up to speed on them.

At the SAL meet, having never run over the whole distance before, the 400m hurdles nearly killed me. At 250m, I was seriously flagging, and having clattered the penultimate hurdle, the last was almost leap too far…


I finished 3rd of the 4 A-string competitors in 84.5 secs. I was pleased just to have got around in one piece, but can’t say I felt I did brilliantly, nor that this will ever be a particularly strong event for me.

The 100m hurdles race was another matter. The A-strings raced separately with Steph the winner for Heathside. Having again not run over the full 10 hurdles in training, I held back a little, yet as I approached the finish line came closer and closer to the leader. I finished in second place with 20.7, a relatively slim 0.3 seconds behind the winner; and looking forward to the next race over this distance.

Since the meet, we have upped our track training sessions to twice a week, and Mark has added in weights to our Sunday session, before doing hill sprints. I’ve enjoyed it, except for overhead lifts where the weights I can put on the bar are depressingly light. I thought handstand training would have helped- but it just means I can hold it at the top, but getting it there is still a struggle.

Once the Hackney Half is out the way, I look forward to doing some more throwing practice, and trying high jump. Sadly the New River track has rugby and football players on the astroturf pitch in the centre of the track, so field events there are limited to long-jump. I have hopefully coerced 2 Heathsiders to sign up for the Cambridge Tetradecathlon- so perhaps soon it won’t just me me wanting to train daft events that I haven’t done before.

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