First Rabble of 2016

Back to London, and back to Rabble.

Rabble run games-only fitness classes across London, and are rapidly expanding across the rest of England. The games tend to be new takes on playground classics: dodgeball (with more running), British Bulldogs (without the beatings) and Hunger Games (without the eating).

I joined Rabble back in the summer. I wanted to casually play team games, without having to commit to a league. Rabble run 9 sessions a week. It’s very flexible; the people are sociable; and the games are fun. At first, it was a bit of a shock to the system, with the games being more like interval training, interspersed with being hit in the head with a yoga-ball. I now go to Rabble a couple of times a week, and with the exception of this post Christmas-binge period, find myself chasing faster people than I would have tried to chase 6 months ago.

The mid-week sessions are quieter and therefore harder. When each team consists of just 3 or so players, everyone is essential, all of the time. The weekend sessions are busier, often maxing out at 30 Rabblers- and thus you can take it more at your own pace, if nursing a hangover.

This video is our Hakka from a session during the Rugby World Cup. It’s the only time being a former acrobat has been useful in Rabble.

Rabble’s founder, Charlotte Roach is a former triathlete. Following an accident and subsequent exit from serious sport, she looked for a fun way to keep moving, and found there wasn’t much on offer. She takes us on the journey from athlete to entrepreneur in this 12 min talk.

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